Dr Lucas Lixinski

Senior Lecturer
University of New South Wales
Participates in 2 items
Dr Lucas Lixinski is a Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Law, UNSW Australia. His research focuses on the interactions between critical heritage studies and international heritage law, particularly with a view of exploring the potentials and pitfalls of broader community participation in heritage governance and management. Some of his recent publications include Between Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: the Troubled Relationships between Heritage Studies and Heritage Law, 21(3) International Journal of Heritage Studies 203-214 (2015), and Sustainable Development in International Heritage Law: Embracing a Backwards Look for the Sake of Forwardness?, 32 Australian Yearbook of International Law 65-86 (2015).

Sessions in which Dr Lucas Lixinski participates

Sunday June 5, 2016

Monday June 6, 2016