Juliette MacDonald

Head, School of Design
Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh
Participates in 1 Session
Juliette’s interests focus on the evolution of practices of craft and the ways in which craft connects creativity, place and identity. She also works collaboratively in the field of design and material culture.
She writes on craft, heritage and design theory and practice and has contributed chapters, articles and reviews to various Journals and books most recently: Sloppy Craft: Post-disciplinarity and the crafts (Berg 2015) and Death in Modern Scotland, 1855–1955 Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices (Berlinn, 2016)
Juliette is a co-founder of the NCN research network, and Principal-Investigator of the AHRC Network Researching Grant “Naked Craft”, and co-curator of Naked Craft an exhibition which is touring Canada and Scotland (2015/17) and which explores disciplinary, theoretical, conceptual and methodological approaches to craft in Scotland and in Canada.

Any spare time is spent learning to play the piano accordion - which will not be accompanying her to this conference.

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