Darko Babic

Assistant Professor
University of Zagreb / ICOM Croatia
Darko Babić (Assistant Professor; PhD in Museum/Heritage Studies) is Chair of the Sub-Department of Museology, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (University of Zagreb, Croatia). After earning his MA degree (Ethnology & Information Sciences) he gained experience working as project manager on international projects, as an organiser of museum/heritage conferences, as an archivist and as assistant on national TV. He is active in contributing to the advancement of the museum/heritage profession serving as Chairman of ICOM Croatia, as a member of the board of ICOM-ICTOP and as a member of the Supervisory Committee to the European Association for Heritage Interpretation.
His research interests include topics related to museums/heritage and development, management and interpretation. He also has working experience on EU projects and as a free-lance consultant for museum/heritage sector including non-governmental organisations.