Yaryna Yuryk

Lviv Polytechnic National University
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Yaryna Yuryk was born in 1984 and is working in Lviv. She is an artist, designer, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Ph.D. Architecture, Candidate of Architecture . She graduated from the Ivan Trush College of Decorative and Applied Arts and Lviv Polytechnic National University, where he teaches as an Docent of Design. Postgraduate studentship in National Polytechnic University of Lviv, presented PhD thesis on the topic “The influence of identity on Lviv architecture formation in the 20th century” in speciality 18.00.01 – “theory of architecture, architectural monuments restoration” (2011). THE BASIC TOPIC OF YOUR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH The search of identity in multicultural architectural heritage of cities. The preservation of cultural heritage. Identity and memory in the built environment city in theory and practice of urban environment. The author of scientific articles on protection of cultural heritage, preservation of identity and memory in the built environment of the city? modern art, architecture, design, theory and practice of of urban environment, scientific and methodological materials to the academic disciplines. • Finalized for publication the monography “The architectural identity of Lviv in the 20th century”, where the multicultural heritage of Lviv communities was studied, the place and role of Ukrainians, Poles, Austrians, Jews, Italians in heritage of the city was explored. Their identity was revealed, their architectural and artistic reflection. • Finalized for publication the handbook “Urban environment design”. She is the winner of the international competitions in painting in the US, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, China. She has also been the exhibitor at exhibitions in the UK, Switzerland and other countries She works in the author's patented technique of watercolor and oil paintings, pastel.

Sessions in which Yaryna Yuryk participates

Monday 6 June, 2016

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