Michelle Tisdel

Associate Professor/Research Librarian
National Library of Norway
Participates in 1 Session
Michelle A. Tisdel holds a doctorate in social anthropology from Harvard University (2006). Her research interests include cultural policy, heritage production, museums, material culture, and Afro-Cuban religions, among others. Tisdel resides in Oslo, Norway and has worked as a research librarian at the National Library of Norway since 2008. She was a member of the academic committee for cultural heritage preservation of Arts Council Norway (2009-2011) and has been a board member of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History since 2008. Publications include the dissertation Cuban Museums and Afro-Cuban Heritage: Fragments and Transitions in Daily Life (2006) and the book chapter “Three Interpretations of Materiality and Society: Afro-Cuban Heritage and the Cuban Slave Route Museum” (2008).

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