Dr Felix Girke

Post-doctoral researcher
Universität Konstanz
Participe à 2 sessions
Felix Girke is an anthropologist and post-doctoral researcher at the Center of Excellence 16 “Cultural Foundations of Social Integration” at Konstanz University, Germany. His current project focuses on the politics of heritage in contemporary Myanmar.
Selected publications:
2015. The Yangon court buildings: between thick and thin heritage. Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia 30 (1): 72-104.
2013. Schnepel, Burkhard, Felix Girke und Eva-Maria Knoll (Hg.): Kultur all inclusive. Identität, Tradition und Kulturerbe im Zeitalter des Massentourismus. Bielefeld: transcript.
2011. Meyer, Christian und Felix Girke (Hg.): The rhetorical emergence of culture. Studies in rhetoric and culture vol. 4. Oxford, New York: Berghahn Books.

Sessions auxquelles Dr Felix Girke participe

dimanche 5 juin, 2016


mardi 7 juin, 2016