Ana Baeza-Ruiz

University of Leeds
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Ana Baeza-Ruiz is a doctoral research student working in collaboration with the National Gallery (London) and the University of Leeds. Her project explores the ways in which museums revised, adapted and renewed their relationship with the public in twentieth-century Britain, a time of intense professionalisation and formalisation of arts policy. She specifically focuses on the institutional processes which transformed the National Gallery after the Second World War during its moment of post-war cultural reconstruction under its new director Sir Philip Hendy (1945-1967). Taking an interest in architecture and display, her research also explores museums as temporal and spatial environments

Ana has co-organized the following research events:
'Tracing Arguments' - student-led workshop for peer-reviewing each other's work, 17th April 2015
'What's it Worth? The Value and Potential of the CDA' - one-day conference at the British Museum, London, 27th July 2015

Currently, Ana is working on papers dealing with the use of visual media technologies by museums and the ways it has shaped its rapport with audiences, the gendering of the museum profession in the mid-twentieth century in Britain, and the display of modernist design in a historic house in Leeds (England) in the 1930s.

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