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Changing the Culture of Preparedness Through Youth

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15:00, mardi 15 juin 2021 EDT (1 heure)
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Our presentation provides an example of how the 4 central themes of the summit are brought together by building capacity through youth engagement.

It starts with reflections on how we understand resilience and explains how learning to act and training to respond to disasters creates heightened awareness of risks and hazards. Giving insight into the training aspects and international best practice highlights a major gap in the Canadian system and how we aim to help bridge it with our program.

We will outline which role governance and mobilizing play, and how this approach leads to better preparedness and disaster readiness.

Lastly, we will show why we work closely with our international partners to give Canadian youth the opportunity to participate in international training and joint exercises, and how this will lead to adult operational capacity locally, regionally and nationally.
Civil Protection Youth Canada (CPYC)


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