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Concurent sessions 1A : SPECIAL TRACK: Animal Justice

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10:00 AM, Dimanche 20 Juin 2021 (2 heures 30 minutes)
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Justice entails concepts of fairness, reasonableness, honesty, and integrity, going beyond the more basic premises of “acceptability” or “lawfulness.” We invite proposals for a special track on animal justice, where we will explore meanings of and means to achieve justice for non-human animal actors within tourism.

Carol Kline


Sous sessions

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM | 30 minutes

Entomotourism: Recognising and Acknowledging the Role of Insects in TourismbyRaynale Harvey Lemelin Each year millions of people visit butterfly pavilions, insectariums and bee museums around the world. Elsewhere, thousands of peoples visit monarch butterfly congregations and participate in guided firefly outings. Also known as entomotourism, insect-focused activities can also involve the pursuit of specific insectsfor one’s specimen collection, deliberately attracting ce...

Harvey Lemelin

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM | 30 minutes

The Virtual Animal: What does Digital Technology Mean for Animal Justice?byErica von EssenLara TickleAnke FischerThe reach of digital technology into animal lives has enabled remote relations of intimacy between humans and non-human animals. This relation is championed as less invasive, more sustainable, and better informed than physical encounters with animals, who may experience stress from repeat tourism and visitor pressure. Nevertheless, the turn toward...

Erica Essen

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | 30 minutes

Mobile Video Ethnography for Evoking Animal Agency in Tourismby Mikko ÄijäläMethodologies to account for agency of animals in tourism are still in their infancy. This study extends developments that have sought to enrich methodologies for accounting multispecies encounters in tourism to argue that methods relying solely on talk and text-based accounts struggle to appreciate the moving encounters of human and non-human animals. Hence, t...

Mikko Äijälä

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM | 30 minutes

Morality on Holiday: Inspiring ethical behavior in animal-based tourism through nonmoral valuesbyCarol KlineandBob FischerDespite the progression of animal welfare within the tourism literature and the industry itself, a significant change in public behavior remains to be seen. Anthropocentric views of animals as objects is still widespread. This paper proposes a new approach to engaging the public in ethical behaviors by meeting visitors where they are in terms...

Carol Kline


Personnes inscrites

Mikko Äijälä
University of Lapland
Erica Essen
Stockholm University
Judith Römhild-Raviart
PhD Candidate
University of Brighton (UK)
Bobbie Bigby
PhD Candidate, Indigenous Cultural Tourism
University of Notre Dame Australia, Nulungu Research Institute
Mahshad Akhoundoghli
University of Waterloo
Solène Prince
Mid-Sweden University
Carla Guerron-Montero
Professor of Anthropology
University of Delaware
Christopher Wilbert
Para-academic / independent researcher

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