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Concurrent session 5b

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10:00 AM, Mardi 22 Juin 2021 (2 heures 30 minutes)
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Meghan Muldoon


Sous sessions

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM | 30 minutes

What you (don't) want to see: Encountering waste-tourism relations on the Vietnamese Island Phy QuocbyHeide KerberPhu Quoc Island, Vietnam’s tourism magnet, struggles with overtourism. Above all, the island’s image of natural beauty begins to fade as the tide of waste pollution rises. The island’s waste governance is weak; the waste infrastructure ill equipped; waste items lining roadsides and covering popular bathing beaches become a nuisance. As a Vietnamese newspaper illus...

Heide Kerber

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM | 30 minutes

Power, agency and storytelling of South African tour guidesbyShayane Delencourt-SimonThis paper addresses the lack of critical analysis of the relationship between tour guides and visitors and how storytelling indicates a guide's agency. The project investigates how historical events inform the identity of a nation and influence tour guides, and asks how guides use their personal identity, thus their agency and power, to create a new narrative of their community. The thes...

Shayane Dalencourt-Simon

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | 30 minutes

Are We Welcome? Understanding Tourists' Acceptance in GhanabyJuliet O. Yeboah In the context of tourism, acceptance is the cornerstone upon which tourists and hosts interact. It signals reception and intent between tourists and hosts and therefore lays the foundation for successful interaction or otherwise. This study examined international tourists’ feelings of acceptance during their interactions with host communities in Ghana. Anchored on the Interpersonal Acce...

Juliet Yeboah

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM | 30 minutes

The Potential for Agritourism to Increase Food CitizenshipbySara Brune,Whitney Knollenberg,Kathryn Stevenson,Caitlin ReillyandCarla Barbieri ighly industrialized and globalized food systems have fed an increasing population, but they produce temporal and spatial disconnection between the general public and the sources of their food (Frash, DiPietro, & Smith, 2015). This producer-consumer disconnection leads to unsustainable consumpti...

Sara Brune

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM | 1 heure

Touching Fear, Fearing Touch: Touring the West Bank in Israel/PalestinebyDorina-Maria BudaIn this presentation I explore the ways in which sensuous touch contributes to co-constructions of affective and emotional subjectivitiesin a tourism context in the West Bank in Israel/Palestine. Drawing on socio-spatial theories of haptics, touch and fear are argued to be part of a sensuous hapticality, intimately connected and happening within and around places and bodies – of ...

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Juliet Yeboah
University of Waterloo
Kendra Fortin
University of Waterloo
Tawsif Dowla
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Waterloo
Walner Osna
Université d'Ottawa

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