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Alana Dillette and Stefanie Benjamin Title : Living in a Black and White world: The value of reflexivity in social equity research

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10:30 AM, Lundi 21 Juin 2021 (30 minutes)

Living in a Black and White world: The value of reflexivity in social equity research

by Alana Dillette and Stefanie Benjamin

Though more than fifty years post segregation, the current political landscape in the U.S. suggests that many Americans are still living in a ‘Black and White’ world. Therefore, when two tourism scholars decided to take on the historically White washed tourism industry – it was not smooth sailing. This work uses the methodological approach ofduoethnography to explore thereflexive journals of two authors studying and presenting on the Black Travel Movement. The narratives provide an examination of their experiences and link them to theoretical understandings of reflexivity and positionality.The researchers unpack and discuss their personal feelings and experiences in relation to each other within a dialogue. Because there is a dearth of published duoethnographies in social science research in general, and withintourism studies in particular, the authors embarked on their own interpretation of duoethnography with the goal of highlighting the importance of reflexivity in social equity tourism research.

To highlight this work, the authors will lead a workshop exploring the value and importance of reflexivity in qualitative research using their own experience as a case study. This workshop will provide attendees with tangible methods for engaging in reflexivity and including it into their manuscripts and other academic work.

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