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***Message to the students about registration fees.You don’t have to register on this site, nor pay the $60 registration fee for 10 days if you sign up for the summer course with credits. All you have to do is pay the summer course fees (at UQAM or your home university - see procedure below).

To obtain the credits for this ISC Summer School, students must register for an ISC summer course offered by UQAM according to the level of study cycle:

Description: This course is offered as part of the cognitive sciences summer school on cognitive challenges of climate change. The goal is to make disciplines studying climate change interact with the cognitive science approaches such as computation, interpretation, situated cognition and macrocognition. This intensive course, spread over two weeks, will bring together more than thirty-five national and international experts, who will present the results of their research on climate change. The course will also include poster session. Contributions from various disciplines, including neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence, education, communication, law, biology, environmental sciences and climate sciences will be presented. Several dimensions of climate change will be addressed, including reasoning and decision-making, mental models and biases, behaviors and emotions, systemic modeling of problems, risks and solutions, linguistic and pragmatic determinations, etc.

Schedule: This is a 10-day intensive course that corresponds to a three-credit course. Conferences and activities will take place online from May 24 to June 4, 2021 (break on Weekend) and online attendance is mandatory. The schedule varies from day-to-day depending on the geographical origin of the invited experts.

Assessment: The evaluation details modulated according to the course of study are available in the syllabus. Registered students will be required to attend conferences and activities planned as part of the ISC 2021 Summer School, to participate actively during question periods and to submit a final paper. Students will be able to interact and submit their paper in English or French.


  • Albert Lejeune, Director,Cognitive Sciences Institute (ISC)and Professor, ESG-UQAM
  • Serge Robert, Professor dept. of philosophy, UQAM
  • Pierre Poirier, Professor dept. of philosophy, UQAM

To register to the course, you must follow the procedure applicable to your situation:

a) UQAM students
b) Students from Quebec universities via the BCI
c) French students
d) Canadians, Independent and international students

a)UQAM students

If you are a student at UQAM, you must register for one of the courses according to your level of study cycle ISC100Q (Bachelors), ISC800Q (Masters) or ISC900Q (Ph.D.) through the UQAM website: If you can’t register online, it’s possible you need permission from your program director. Contact your department's program officer to register for this course. You will have to pay the registration fees for the course credited to UQAM.

b) Other Students from Quebec Universities via the BCI

To be able to obtain credits, you must be registered in a program at your home university, obtain authorization from your department director to register for the course. You will have to pay the registration fees for this course at your home university.

Please follow the procedures below for an authorization to transfer credits:

c) French students

To obtain credits, you must be registered in a BCI-France exchange program (formerly CREPUQ) and you must validate your registration at your home university. You must pay the registration fees for the course ISC100Q (Bac), ISC800Q (Master), ISC900Q (Doctorate) at UQAM or at your home university depending of your program.

d) Canadians, Independent and international students

You must apply for admission to UQAM as an “étudiant libre” (independent student), then you have to register for one of the courses according to your level of study cycle ISC100Q (Bachelors), ISC800Q (Masters) or ISC900Q (Ph.D.). You will have to pay admission fees to UQAM, plus registration fees as an independent student for the credited course to UQAM.

Another possibility for international students

It is possible to make an arrangement with your home university to grant you the credits. Your university must agree to give you the credits for the course taken at UQAM and agree to evaluate the final work following the ISC 2021 Summer School. The steps to obtain this arrangement must be made by the student. To do so, you must complete the form(available on-demand by email at isc at and obtain the authorizations from your program director and your home university. You will have to pay the credits obtained at your home university. Please note that you will not receive any credit from UQAM or official letter issued by UQAM confirming that this course has been taken.The Cognitive Sciences Institute will ONLY provide a certificate of participation AFTER the event. If you do not obtain the authorization from your home university, it is possible to attend the ISC 2021 Summer School without obtaining the credits, by registering as a participant.

Summer Course with credits at UQAM