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Nakia Pearson

University of Liège
Participates in 1 Session
There are many ways to approach an education in international relations. Pearson started by riding a bicycle from Beijing to Paris in 2007-8, as a way to experience a more intimate and sustainable acquaintance with people and nature. After returning home and working as a Development Officer at the College of the Bahamas, Pearson went on to receive her M.A. in International Development at the Paris School of International Affairs at renowned Paris Institute of Political Studies. She is pursuing a PhD through a joint program with the Interdisciplinary Institute of Contemporary Anthropology (IIAC) within the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) at the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris and the newly established and first of its kind Observatory on Environmental Migration at the University of Liège, Belgium. Pearson’s research is focused on conceptualizing borders through the scope of local, national, and international management of Environmental Migration. She has conducted research at the Permanent Interstates Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where she worked with migrant farmers. She has also presented and convened at numerous conferences including the Climate and Human Migration Conference in Durham, UK in June-July, 2015 and the COST Action Workshop on ‘Combining quantitative and qualitative methods for a better understanding of the climate change-migration nexus’ in Sevilla, Spain in September 2015. Her work has been published in the IOM review State of Environmental Migration 2013: A Review of 2012, and she has been invited to produce a chapter for the upcoming textbook “Routledge Handbook on Environmental Displacement and Migration,” scheduled for publication in 2016.

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