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Bianca Maria Nardella

the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London
Participates in 1 Session
Bianca Maria Nardellais trained as an architect, urbanist and social scientist in Italy, USA and UK. She combines professional practice in architecture and urban conservation with university teaching and policy analysis research. Her consulting experience includes management and technical expertise for ‘cultural heritage and development' projects financed by the World Bank, EuropeAid, Inter-American Development Bank, which are often centred around UNESCO World Heritage sites. Her geo-cultural area of specialty is the Mediterranean region, including the Middle East and North Africa. In parallel, she is a tutor for urban design studios at The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London, where she is currently completing her PhD dissertation ‘Interrogating communities of expertise on urban conservation and development: How do you mean "public and open spaces" in Tunis ?’at the Development Planning Unit. RECENT PUBLICATIONS Nardella, B. M. and Cidre, E., Interrogating the ‘implementation’ of international policies of urban conservation in the Medina of Tunis, in Labadi, S. and Logan, W. (eds.), "Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability: International Frameworks, National and Local Governance”, Routledge: 2015 Nardella, B. M. and Mallinson, M., Only foreigners can do it? Advocacy and brokerage at Aksum Museum, Ethiopia. In: Basu, P. and Modest, W. (eds.), “Museums, Heritage and International Development”, Routledge: 2015 Nardella, B. M., Orienting the Knowledge of International Urban Conservation in the light of the Arab Revolutions. Planum - Journal of Urbanism, n. 26, vol. 1 /2013

Sessions in which Bianca Maria Nardella participates