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Cecilia Rodéhn

Center for gender studies, Uppsala University
Participates in 1 Session
Cecilia Rodéhn holds a PhD in Museum Studies from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and is currently employed as a researcher at the Center for Gender Studies (Cfg) at Uppsala University (Sweden). At Cfg Rodéhn teaches gender studies, museology, pedagogy and art history. Rodéhn leads, together with Hedvig Mårdh, the project “Cultural heritage as a pedagogical tool in higher education”. The project attempts to introduce and increase the use of museum and heritage sites in higher education. Rodéhn and Mårdh work with developing methodological and theoretical approaches for a norm critical appropriation of cultural heritage in higher education. Rodéhn has also taught a master course in museum and heritage studies at the Department of ALM at the Uppsala University. She has also worked as a researcher at the Nordic Centre for Heritage Learning (Östersund, Sweden) exploring adult learning among employees with work related disabilities. Previous to embarking on an academic career Rodéhn worked for several of years as a museum educator at several historical and archaeological museums in Sweden. Rodéhn, C. 2015. (Re)doing men in museums? Masculinity theory as a strategy to address democratization of heritage. In: Masculinities/Relationalities in Gender studies. In relation to what? Ed Anneli Häyrén Weinestål. Springer. (in press) Rodéhn, C. 2015.Democratization. The performance of Academic Discourses on Democratizing Museums. Ed: Lafrenz, K & Rico, T. In: Heritage Keywords. A Handsbook of Redescription. University of colorado press.. Rodéhn, C. 2011. Democracy, Lifelong learning and Labour Market Policies. Heritage, Regional Development and Social Cohesion. Fornvårdaren 31. Ed Kearn, P, Kling, S, Wistman, C. Jamtli förlag: Östersund. Pp 112-129. Rodéhn, C. 2013. Thus our display will be honest but may be controversial’ Exhibiting pre-history during the South African democratization process. Nordisk Museologi 2: 33-50. Rodéhn, C. 2013. Displaying Anglophile Whiteness. A case study of a South African Exhibition. Nordic Journal of African Studies 20 (4): 276-299. Rodéhn, C & Halin, L. 2014 ’Tystnaden pryder kvinnan: Bristen på feministiska perspektiv i undervisningsmaterialet i klassiska språk’, Tidskriften för Genusvetenskap 35: (4): 33-56. Rodéhn, C. 2015. Understanding exhibitions as performances of heritage: A study of selected exhibitions staged at the KwaZulu-Natal Museum during the South African transformation. Konsthistorisk tidskrift (ahead of print). Rodéhn, C. 2008. Lost in Transformation. A critical study of two South African museums. Unpublished PhD dissertation. University of KwaZulu-Natal. Pietermaritzburg. Länk:

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