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Sewnet Tesfaye

Madda Walabu University,Department of Tourism Management
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Sewnet Tesfaye (Tourism, Heritage)

B.A. (Tourism Management; Faculty of Business and Economics,University of Gondar, Ethiopia), M.A. (Tourism and Heritage Management, University of Gondar, Ethiopia).
Sewnet Tesfaye Lema was born and raised in Fitche, central Ethiopia, and from 2010 unto the present Lecturer at the department of Tourism Management, Madda Walabu University. Besides, Sewnet has participated in variuos community services and delivered three training projects for local communities on Sustainable tourism and Heritage Management and he is conducting various researches in Tourism, Heritage and Natural Resources issues.

AUTHORED: ' Assessing service quality of first level hotels in the city of Gondar, Lambert Academic Publishing. (ISBN 978-3-659-75912-3)

• Sewnet and Kassegn (2015). Improving Students’ Participation in Active Learning Methods: Group Discussions, Presentations And Demonstrations: A Case of Madda Walabu University Second Year Tourism Management Students of 2014, Journal of Education and Practice Vol.6, No.22,
• Two articles under Review

Sessions in which Sewnet Tesfaye participates