Bianca Gioia Marino

DIARC Department of Architecture - University of Naples Federico II
Participates in 1 Session
Associate Professor in Architectural Restoration (Department of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II). Ph.D in Architectural Preservation (thesys: “Authenticity: theoretical potentialities and possibilities for the practice of architectural restoration”). Awarded for research at the “Centre d’Etudes pour la Conservation du Patrimoine Architectural et Urbain” Katholieke Universiteit di Leuven (1992-1994).
She is member of:
- CIRICE_Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sull’Iconografia  della Città Europea
-UNISCAPE (European Network of Universities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention)
-SNECS (Social Network of Historical Towns Entities)
-CRdC INNOVA (Centre for Development and Transfer of Innovation for Cultural and Environmental Heritage)
Main publications:
-Restauro e autenticità. Nodi e questioni critiche, 2006
-Cupole e restauro. Il Panthéon di Parigi tra architettura, scienza e conservazione, 2012
-The cultural landscape of Georgia: for a particular borderline of the Georgian sites safeguard, 2013
 - Landscape and Image: Perception of Authenticity and Identity of Places, 2014
-Valorisation touristique et authenticité: une question méthodologico-fondatrice pour la conservation, 2015 
Research programme:
2015_Coordinator of research group Transdisciplinary Conservation and Restoration of Architecture and Historic Landscape
2014-2015_PI in Scientific Co-operation Agreement  2014-2015 between DiARC, School of Specialization of Architectural Assets and Landscape and Municipality of Castelnuovo di Porto (Rome)
2013-2015_Coordinator RU in the Research Program DATABENC-SNECS (Social Network of Historical District Entity)
2012-2013_PI ICOMOS Italy in the European research “ROVINA Robots for Exploration, Digital Preservation and Visualization of Archaeological Sites”, 7th FP
2011-2013_ Accessible Pompeii. Guidelines for a wider use of the archeological site granted by the Center of Science and Technology, University of Naples Federico II
2011_Master Plan for the enhancement of Castelcapuano in Naples.

Sessions in which Bianca Gioia Marino participates