Emek Yilmaz

Kangwon National University
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After graduating from the Department of Economics at Marmara University in Istanbul, I enrolled an interdisciplinary Master of Science program in Middle East Studies at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. Thesis title: “How Does the State Promote Informal Employment: The Case of a Kilim Workshop” under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aykan Erdemir. Following the degree at METU, I also registered to another Master’s program in Analysis of Social Problems at the department of Sociology at University of Granada, Spain. I improved Spanish language skills during 8 months of study but had to go back to Turkey before completing the degree. Upon my arrival in Turkey, I volunteered at Local Agenda 21, and worked on a UNICEF fund-raising project to build a high-school in Bursa. Following this experience, I started working at the department of Accounting, specializing on monthly and annual cost and budget analysis, at SISECAM Trakya Yenisehir Industrial Glass Company. My experience in this company stimulated my will to further continue in Academia. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Sociology, Kangwon National University as Korean Government Scholarship Grantee. Thesis title: “How do City Museums Construct City Identity: A Comparative Study on Bursa City Museum, Turkey and Seoul Museum of History, Korea” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ki-hong Lee. Publications: Yilmaz, Emek and Lee, Ki-hong (2014) “City Identity Represented in Museums: The Case of Bursa Metropolitan City Museum, Turkey” Korean Social History Association, Society and History, 102: 357-390 (in Korean) John Whittaker, Kathryn Kamp, and Emek Yılmaz (2009) "Cakmak Revisited: Turkish Flintknappers Today" Lithic Technology 34(2):93-110

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