In Griffintown/ Dans le Griff and Scandal! Vice, Crime and Morality in Montreal, 1940-1960

Public event
7:00, Tuesday 7 Jun 2016 (2 hours)
(Guided visits to Two Exhibitions, Centre d’histoire de Montréal- bilingual) –
The Centre d’histoire de Montréal presents Dans le Griff that takes visitors into the neighbourhood of Griffintown, as depicted through the lives and memories of the Mercier family. Their life stories will take us down the streets of an industrial sector that has undergone quite the metamorphosis. Griffintown is one of the oldest industrial and working-class neighbourhoods in Montreal. In the forefront is the work of G. Scott MacLeod, including the oral histories he collected as part of his documentary project, as well as his visual art. And, Scandal! Vice, Crime and Morality in Montreal, 1940-1960: Canada’s largest city in the mid-20th century, Montreal was, as it still is, a port city and a transportation, business, and immigration hub. Montreal acquired the reputation of a city of pleasure. Preregistration is Required.

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