09.30  A Second Life, the Dutch Approach to Transforming Classified Religious Heritage: Process, Challenges, Examples

Religious heritage and redevelopment is constant and through fast secularization, the number of abandoned churches is accelerating in the Netherlands. Among them are many classified buildings.

New features require different approaches and conditions, such as extra light and comfort. This is a challenge and always tailor-made.

How do the Dutch deal with the transformation and radical changes in classified religious heritage, with respect for the historical and architectural values?

By means of a number of examples such as Broerekerk in Zwolle, Willibrorduskerk in Heerle a.o., the Dutch approach will be explained.

Erfgoed.nu / council member of FRH (Future for Religious Heritage, European network for places of worship / Vice chair of Task Force Toekomst Kerkgebouwen / member of ICOMOS

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