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Concept(s) of Heritage Twitter Conference

September 25

Hosted by the Canada Research Chair in Urban Heritage

Join us on Twitter on Wednesday, September 25 between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM (GMT)! Feel free to "attend" any or all presentations in real time, or catch up on your own schedule.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #YRH2019 and our conference Twitter account @YRinHeritage

Jessica Mace @YRinHeritage

Introductory remarks

GMT: 8:00 AM

Ainslee Meredith @ainsleemeredith

The public value of conservation

GMT: 8:20 AM

Vanicka Arora@VanickaA

Reconstruction as a Heritage Making Practice

GMT: 8:40 AM

Roslynn Ang @roslynnang

"Intertwining heritage(s) as decolonizing methodology"

GMT: 9:00 AM

Ding He

Heritage on the move: a mobile place as Mongolian heritage –the case of Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, China

GMT: 9:20 AM

Xiyan Wang @WXY72092189

Identity as a Barrier to Sustainable Heritage at Conflicted Sites

GMT: 9:40 AM

BREAK (1 hour)

Julie Deschepper @JulieDeschep

Was there a Soviet conception of heritage?

GMT: 11:00 AM

Julien Garnier @garnierjulien17

Photographie et patrimoine : présentation de photographies de villes de compagnies du Québec au travers du concept de trace

GMT: 11:20 AM

Stanley J. Onyemechalu @sjonyems

Ihe Nketa:Examining the concept and practice of indigenous cultural heritage management in the Igbo cultural area of south-eastern Nigeria

GMT: 11:40 AM

Sophie Stackmann @StackmannSophie

Integrity as Concept for World Cultural Heritage – A Reflection on Problems and Possibilities

GMT: 12:00 PM

Brodhie Molloy@Brodhie_M

Identity as a Barrier to Sustainable Heritage at Conflicted Sites

GMT: 12:20 PM

BREAK (1 hour)

Myriam Guillemette @MyriamGuilleme1

Mobilisation patrimoniale et définition d’un imaginaire hivernal montréalais

GMT: 1:40 PM

Magdalena P. Novoa @magdanovoae

Insurgent Heritage: Grassroots Movements and Citizenship in Chile

GMT: 2:00 PM

Cansu Simsek and Atanur Andic @cansunursimsk and @atanurandic

"Rethinking Heritage" An Approach of Critical Making in the Concept of Digital Heritage

GMT: 2:20 PM

Natalia Solano @solanomeza

An ongoing exploration on the role of Architectural History in shaping notions of Modern Heritage. Costa Rica, 1965-1979

GMT: 2:40 PM

Closing remarks

GMT: 3:00 PM

Twitter conference schedule: September 25