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Nadia Seraiocco

Lecturer and Ph.D candidate, Écoles des médias
Université du Québec à Montréal
Participates in 3 items
Nadia Seraiocco has been teaching digital media since 2013 at UQAM’s École des medias and is a guest speaker and host at conferences on technologies. She began her career as a cultural reporter with Voir Québec and several other specialized magazines. She then worked some 15 years in communications for the Ville de Montréal, the National Gallery of Canada, Les Éditions de la courte échelle and RECYC-Québec. After completing a Master’s degree on the Fluxus films in 2009, she embarked on PhD studies in communications in 2015. She is a commentator on the Première chaîne de Radio-Canada, a former techno-blogger for Radio-Canada and has two blogs of her own, including (created in 2002). Nadia Seraiocco is keenly interested in the issue of the datafication of society and its impact on private life and identity. Her thesis explored the effect of the digital double on identity. She is also a member of UQAM’s Institut de recherches et d’études féministes (IREF).

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