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Critical Heritage Studies in the UK: Future Directions

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15:30, Tuesday 7 Jun 2016 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Heritage Changes the Policies
Heritage changes the policiesHeritage policiesGlobal vs local

What is the future of the UK and what is the role of heritage in this shifting political landscape? How have debates on heritage in the UK changed since the influential critiques of Hewison and Wright in the 1980s? How can those engaged in Critical Heritage Studies in the UK negotiate the difficult relationship between academic critique and sector relevance? How do current debates in the UK relate to and differ from those in Western and non-Western contexts?
This workshop will bring together researchers working in the field of Critical Heritage Studies in the UK to reflect on the changes in the UK-focused scholarship since the 1980s and to debate the future directions for the field. The aim of the workshop is to identify pertinent issues and challenges in the UK context and generate key research themes for future UK Chapter workshops and events.
Discussions will include, but are not limited to:

  • What is the impact of the political context in the UK on heritage?
  • What is the relationship between policy makers, practitioners and academics?
  • What does ‘UK heritage’ mean in the context of Devolution and the Scottish and European referendums
  • What are the differences between debates in the UK and other Western and non-Western contexts and what insights can be gained through cross-cultural learning/comparative perspectives from the international context?
  • What does sustainability mean in the UK context?

My Session Status

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