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Gül Köksal

Assoc. Prof.
ENSAG France

I trained in architecture, completed my MA thesis “Historical and Technological Development of the Golden Horn Arsenal and Some Suggestions for Its Conservation”, Istanbul Technical University (ITU) (1996) and PhD thesis “Some Proposals for the Conservation and Reuse of Industrial Heritage in Istanbul” at ITU (2005). I did doctoral research on “industrial heritage” at Berlin Technical University with DAAD Fellowship and postdoc research; “From Universal to Local: A Comparative Research of Safeguarding and Sustaining the Built Vernacular Heritage; the Case of Golcuk, Kocaeli District in Turkey” at University of California, Berkeley with TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) scholarship. In September 2021, I started to work in École Nationale Supérieure d’architecture de Grenoble with PAUSE scholarship and do postdoc titled "Transformation of industrial areas in the context of critical heritage studies: The cases of Haliç/Golden Horn (Istanbul-Turkey), Grenoble (France), and Marseille (France)." 
I was consultant of restoration and reuse project of Silahtaraga Electricity Fabric in Istanbul and SEKA Paper Fabric in Kocaeli and also author of survey, restoration and contemporary addition project of Kazıklı Caravanserai that is received National Architectural Award by The Chamber of Architects of Turkey in 2010. I am involved in critical research-based projects that focus on cultural values, communing practices, solidarity architecture, conservation and reuse of industrial heritage, and critical heritage studies.
Another Kind of Workshop
Haliç (Golden Horn) Solidarity   
Kocaeli Academy for Solidarity
İzmit SEKA Fabric