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Mega-event reinforced industrial heritage transformation: a typological matrix between narratives and practices

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9:00 AM, Wednesday 31 Aug 2022 (20 minutes)

Mega-events have been considered as a strategy to boost urban development, which shifts targets from expansion outside of the original city fabric to reuse of heritage. The bidirectional dynamic between mega-events and heritage has been emphasized, as the former brings both resources and contradiction, and nowadays, the latter is further exploited for future development, connecting its value with the need of society. However, the research on the coupling between mega-events and industrial heritage, as a crucial type of heritage, is still in the primary stage.

Numerous cases are spreading over different periods of industrialization and continents, showing how the mega-events (e.g. Olympic Games, Expo, exhibition, fairs, etc.) synergize with different types of industrial heritage (e.g. manufacturing factory, dockland, warehouse, etc.) to enhance urban (re)development, and towards to the implement of the long-term nation/local policies, such as the redefinition of cites’ new image, better life quality for local citizens and activation of the neglected area.

This paper introduces a matrix that includes typologies of mega-events, cultural context, dominant narratives, local practices, various production of space, and community concerned. The matrix maps the interaction between the initial characters of industrial heritage and the relevant actors among multiple cases, presenting different approaches and strategies of industrial heritage reuse with the impact of mega-events. By addressing a comprehensive perspective on this complex system, this paper intends to find a potential clue for further investigation.

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