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Eva Wentland

Independent Conservator
InduKon - network for the conservation of industrial heritage
Participates in 3 items

Eva Wentland is a freelance conservator specialised in metals and modern materials. She is member and co-founder of InduKon, Network for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage. Recent projects were the conservation of two harbour cranes in the city of Hamburg, as well as the completion of her master thesis with the title: “Transparent conservation of large heritage objects in outdoor exposure – Dewatering fluids, an investigation for use in conservation”. In 2017 she received a bachelor’s degree in conservation and restoration of modern materials and technical heritage from the University for Applied Sciences in Berlin. She has been employed as a conservator in the Germany Mining Museum and has worked and completed internships in several museums and freelance conservation studios, where she has focussed on composite objects from everyday life or with an industrial context.

Sessions in which Eva Wentland participates