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Jiunn-yih Gong

Xinpingxi Taiwan Coal Mine Museum
Participates in 1 Session

Jiunn-Yih Gong is currently the chairman of Xinpingxi Taiwan Coal Mine Museum. He formerly served as Chairman of the Taiwan Mining Economic and Cultural Promotion Association (2010-2018). In 2016, he represented the Xinpingxi Taiwan Coal Mine Museum and Japan's Tagawa City Coal Mining Historical Museum, to sign an agreement to establish a friendship museum. In 2018, was invited by the Tagawa city Coal Mining Historical Museum, Japan to participate in the Japanese-Taiwan Memory Heritage and Museum'' for a public seminar as an keynote speaker. He was also invited by the Mayor of Tagawa City to serve as a city Charismatic ambassador (2018). In the same year, he was invited as a panelist at the International Exchange of Coal Mine Heritage by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage (MOC). “Taiwan-Japan International Forum on The Memory Heritage of the Coal Mining Industry”, Taichung, Taiwan. In 2019, he was invited to be published in Kushiro city Museum, Kushiro City, Hokkaido, Japan, on the “Preservation and Utilization of Xinpingxi Coal Mine-Cultural Exchange between Taiwan and Japan Mining Industry Achievements", as well as opening the seminar for panel discussions and participants.

Sessions in which Jiunn-yih Gong participates

jueves 1 septiembre, 2022

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