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Industrial heritages to discover: current research III

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3:30 PM, lunes 29 ago 2022 (1 hour 30 minutos)
Break : Sugar Shack Event   05:00 PM to 05:30 PM (30 minutos)

Luc Noppen


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3:30 PM - 3:50 PM | 20 minutos

• Context The North River Water Resource Recovery Facility (the Facility) is a 28‐acre facility located at 135th Street & 12th Avenue in the west side of Manhattan. North River is an alternative name for the southernmost portion of the Hudson River in the vicinity of New York City and northeastern New Jersey in the United States. The construction of the facility started in early 1970s and completed in 1982. The Facility is designed to treat up to 170 million gallons per day...

4:00 PM - 4:20 PM | 20 minutos

Attention : we are two speakers : Stuart W. Leslie & Laetitia Maison-Soulard Au début de la Guerre Froide, au sein du bloc de l'Ouest, les États-Unis et la France développent des complexes militaro-industriels constitués de bureaux, de laboratoires, d’ateliers et de cités pour loger leurs salariés. Témoins des enjeux scientifiques et techniques de la course à l’espace et à l’armement nucléaire, ces ensembles sont également le reflet des cultures nationales en matière d’aménagement du territo...

4:30 PM - 4:50 PM | 20 minutos

The prefabricated architecture of the modernist era is intrinsically related to industrialization and presents historical, technological, social, architectural, and scientific values to be preserved. Prefabricated buildings, as well as its components, production methods and industrial plants are therefore, material and technological legates of great interest for the industrial archaeological heritage.As a result of recent postdoctoral research on adaptive reuse of industrial and pre...

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