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Andreas Pantazatos

Durham University
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I read Philosophy (major), Classics and Archaeology for my BA at the University of Athens (Greece). I continued on an MA in Philosophy at the University of Reading (UK) and a Ph.D. at Durham University (UK) on ethical theory. My current research focuses on archaeological objects and how and their ethical treatment that arises from the interaction between people and their past, in recent years, I have turned my attention to the philosophy of archaeology focusing on the ethics, aesthetics and epistemology of archaeology I am writing a book on the role of biography of objects in accounts of trusteeship in collaboration with the British Museum. My engagement with public institutions made me realise the significance of the contribution of cultural heritage to people's well- being and more precisely how cultural heritage can contribute to the quality of life of immigrants. I address these issues in a co-edited volume with Geoffrey F. Scarre and Cornelius Holtorf entitled Cultural Heritage: Ethics and Contemporary Migrations (Routledge 2016). Relevant Publications Holtorf, C., Pantazatos, A. & Scarre, G. F. (2016). Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migrations. Routledge. Pantazatos, A. (2016). “The Ethics of Trusteeship and the Biography of Objects in Philosophy”. Philosophy suppl. Philosophy and Museums: Ethics, Aesthetics and Ontology . Pantazatos, A. (2016). “Epistemic Injustice in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage”. In Routledge Handbook to Epistemic Injustice. Kidd, J. I. , Medina, J. & Pollhaus, G. Routledge. Pantazatos, A. (2016). “In Public Displays We Trust: Universal Museums and Immigrants”. In Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migrations. Holtorf, C. Pantazatos, A. , & Scarre, G. F Routledge. Pantazatos, A. (2015). “The Normative Foundations of Stewardship: Care and Respect”. In The Ethics of Cultural Heritage. Ireland, T. & Schofield, J. New York: Springer. 127-144. Pantazatos, A. 2010. ‘ Does Diaspora Test the Limits of Stewardship? Stewardship and the Ethics of Care’, UNESCO Museum International, vol.245-245, pp. 96-99.

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