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Prof. Réginald Auger

Professeur titulaire
Université Laval, Département des sciences historiques, Canada
Participe à 3 sessions
A graduated from the University of Calgary, Réginald Auger has been a professor of archaeology at Université Laval since 1994. With funding from FRQ-SC, he created the Groupe de recherche en archéométrie, and is the leader of the CFI funded Laboratoires d’archéologie de l’Université Laval. In addition to his ongoing research in urban archaeology in Quebec City, Auger’s long term research is on a sugar plantation in French Guiana. His research on the Elizabethan search for precious-metal bearing ores, a multidisciplinary research project on the voyages of Martin Frobisher to Baffin Island, was carried out in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution during the 1990s. He was Program Director of Université Laval’s archaeology, ethnology and museum studies programs from 2001-2004 and Director of the CELAT research centre from 2006-2009, a multidisciplinary research center which includes 30 regular members from four universities. He teaches courses on the theory and practice of archaeology and supervises or co-supervises a dozen graduate students in Canada, United States and France working on the archaeology of the early modern period.

Sessions auxquelles Prof. Réginald Auger participe