Yves Schoonjans

Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium
Participe à 1 Session
Yves Schoonjans is a Professor in architectural history and - theory at the University of Leuven (Department of Architecture), Belgium and conducts research in the domain of recent architectural history and theory with a focus on informal architectural discourses. This is structured in two lines (1) Practices and discourses in a recent and contemporary context – relation between theory and practices; (2) Everyday local identity, appropriation and urban development. In 2009 he founded (with Sven Sterken & Rajesh Heynickx) the Research group ARP (Architectural Culture of the Recent Past) that tackles architecture as a wide cultural phenomenon and its relation to ideas, discourses and practices. In 2013 together with Kris Scheerlinck he initiated the ‘Urban Projects, Collective Spaces and Local Identities’ research group on collective spaces, architectural/urban culture, local identity and discourse. mail: yves.schoonjans@kuleuven.be

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