Through the alleys of Saint-Henri - guided by Pohanna Pyne Feinberg

Public event
7:00, dimanche 5 juin 2016 (2 heures)
UQAM, pavillon J.-A. De Sève (DS) - DS Registration table (meeting point)
Movement, stillness, and creation will be combined during this walk as participants are encouraged to attune themselves to the environment through conscious emplacement. We will awaken our sensory awareness by experimenting with deep listening, observing impermanence and slow walking. Weather permitting, participants will also be invited to create a cyanotype photogram with found materials. An in-situ photogram is an image made in collaboration with the environment and enhances our appreciation for the subtle nuances that can be revealed through connection to place over time. In compliment to the other activities offered during the conference, this walk will raise questions about the influence of embodied knowledge in place-based research. * No previous experience with art making is needed. Preregistration is required.

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