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Post-Conference Tour: McGill College Avenue. A reflection of 150 years of ambitions, discussions and projects to redefine Montreal

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13:00, Mercredi 8 Juin 2016 (3 heures 30 minutes)
UQAM, pavillon J.-A. De Sève (DS) - DS Registration table (meeting point)
This tour requires a minimum number of participants. Please « sign up » before May 15th; we will then open the paying registration for the tour.
Cette excursion requiert un nombre minimal de participants. Veuillez utiliser le bouton « s’inscrire » pour manifester votre intérêt avant le 15 mai; à cette date, nous ouvrirons l’inscription officielle avec paiement.


The McGill College Avenue area is an intermodal node and a complex network of internal circulation, the epicenter of the downtown’s rebirth, a district of prestigious businesses, a reflection of Montreal’s “new heaven” with its postmodern architecture and its referents to the Montreal’s territory, an amalgam of Montreal’s powerful symbols and a laboratory of the evolution of heritage consciences, from demolition to integration, from closures to the preservation of a view of Mont Royal.
The walk will trace the origin of the Victorian New Town, the establishment of McGill University, the Canadian National’s major land projects in the first half of the twentieth century and the major transformations in the urban environment of the modern era. It will pay particular attention to the ideas and ambitions behind the construction and reconstruction of the city, to the groups of actors involved and to the details, the meaning and the experience of the planning and buildings.
The walk, both above and underground, will lead us through many indoor and outdoor spaces, public and private. It offers a reading of the city in all its complexity by raising the intentions, narratives, traces and layers that constitute McGill College Avenue, Canada’s fifth "most prestigious" business street and the fifteenth in North America.
Presentation in English.
Guide : Jonathan Cha
Fees: 44$ + tax

Mon statut pour la session


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