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WORKSHOP 7: Suzanne Held: Pig Cognition and Why It Matters

7:30 PM, Mardi 3 Juil 2018 (2 heures)


Our main purpose here is to introduce what is known about the cognitive abilities that facilitate natural pig behaviour. Commercial pigs released into natural conditions show many of the behavioural characteristics of their wild ancestors: they will form family groups with differentiated rank relationships, forage together, build nests for giving birth and rearing their neonates, the sexes mingle mainly for mating. However, most commercial pigs are kept in conditions very different from those in which their species evolved. This creates a potential mismatch between motivation and expectation on the one hand, and reality on the other. Our other aim, therefore, is to explore how we might assess scientifically how such a mismatch might make the pigs feel.

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Suzanne Held (Speaker)
Bristol Veterinary School (University of Bristol)

Riana Topan (Discussant)
Humane Society International/Canada
Abby McCuaig (Discussant)
Worldwide Save Movemen

Arthur Reber (Moderator)
Adjunct Professor University of British Columbia
Bristol Veterinary School (University of Bristol)
University of British Columbia
Adjunct Professor
Autre participant.e
Humane Society International/Canada
Autre participant.e
Worldwide Save Movement
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