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WORKSHOP 6: Lori Marino: The Inconvenient Truth About Thinking Chickens

7:30 PM, Lundi 2 Juil 2018 (2 heures)


Domestic chickens are members of an order, Aves, which has been the focus of a revolution in our understanding of neuroanatomical, cognitive, and social complexity. Some birds are now known to be on a par with many mammals in their intelligence, emotional sophistication, and social interaction. Yet views of chickens have largely remained unrevised in light of this new evidence. In this paper, I examine the data on cognition, emotions, personality, and sociality in chickens, exploring such areas as self-awareness, cognitive bias, social learning and self-control, and comparing their abilities with other birds and other vertebrates, particularly mammals. My overall conclusion is that chickens are just as complex cognitively, emotionally and socially as most other birds and mammals in many areas, and that there is a need for further noninvasive comparative behavioral research with chickens as well as a re-framing of current views about their intelligence.

Marino, Lori (2017) The inconvenient truth about thinking chickensAnimal Sentience 17(1)

Lori Marino (Speaker)
Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy

Christiane Bailey (Discussant0
Université de Montréal
Abby McCuaig (Discussant)
Worldwide Save Movemen

Frantisek Baluska 
University of Bonn, Institute for Cellular and Molecular Botany
Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy
Autre participant.e
Université de Montréal
University of Bonn, Institute for Cellular and Molecular Botany
Worldwide Save Movement
Autre participant.e
Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Assistant Scientist
Humane Society International/Canada
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