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Bo Lagerqvist

Associate Professor
University of Gothenburg
Participates in 2 items

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Gothenburg, Department of Conservation (UGOT-C), since long involved in the development of the bachelor’s and master’s programs at UGOT-C as well as lecturer at a number of Regional Restoration Camps in the western Balkans organized by Cultural Heritage without Borders. My professional experience includes position as heritage official at Forsvik industrial heritage site in 2004-09 responsible for regional strategies for industrial heritage in West Sweden. In 2009 I was commissioned moderator for the UGOT initiative on Heritage Studies as part of strengthening cross-disciplinary research, contributing to the establishment of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies in 2012. During these years, I was part of a number of activities focusing on the former Union Carbide facility in Bhopal, India. Between 2012 and 2018 I was Head of department (UGOT-C), and from August 2018 to February 2019 I did a sabbatical in Tirana, Albania, cooperating with Cultural Heritage without Borders Albania, and the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, University of Tirana. Presently I am the ICOMOS lead scientist in the Charter Alliance project ( co-heading WP2 together with E.C.C.O.


(Forthcoming) Lagerqvist, B., Némethy, S., Nilsson, A. (2022) Landscape Observatory Västra Götaland & Balaton Ecomuseum – A Swedish-Hungarian Interaction for Sustainable Landscape management. Cultivating Continuity of the European Landscape, UNISCAPE. Springer

Némethy, S., Ternell, A., Bornmalm, L., Lagerqvist, B., Szemethy, L. (2022) Environmental Viability Analysis of Connected European Inland–Marine Waterways and Their Services in View of Climate Change. Atmosphere 2022, 13(6), 951.

Lagerqvist, B. (2022) Concepts of integrated conservation as inroads to sustainable management of cultural landscapes. Special issue of Antropologji, Materializing Modernity. Landscape, Architecture and Anthropology intersections in 20th-century rurality, vëllimi 4/ numër 1/ 2021. Open Access Scientific Journal of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies - Academy of Albanian Studies, (ISSN 2617-9768 and ISSN 2706-5995)

Bornmalm, L. & Lagerqvist, B. (2022) From Rustic Fishing Boats to Steel Trawlers: The development of fishing vessels on the West Coast of Sweden, 1850––1980. Mariner’s Mirror, Vol 108, 2022 – Issue 1, pp. 66-89.

Lagerqvist, B., Bornmalm, L., & Nemethy, S. (2021) European inland waters: The history of seafaring, shipping, and shipyards at the Lake Balaton. Ecocycles, 7(1), 73–87.

Lagerqvist, B. (2020) Education and training in heritage practices – The case of heritage craft education at University of Gothenburg as an opportunity for Albania, Ecocycles, Vol 6, No 1, pp. 1-12. 

Lagerqvist, B. & Bornmalm, L. (2018) The steamer s/s Bohuslän as industrial heritage. A basis for re-thinking heritage practices. Cultural Heritage Preservation: the Past, the Present and the Future. Eds. Tomas Nilson & Kristina Thorell. Forskning i Halmstad nr 24, Halmstad University, pp 47-64. ISBN 978-91-87045-94-3 

Lagerqvist, B. (2017) Conservation or reconciliation? Industrial heritage practices at a turning point. Heritage and peacebuilding. Heritage Matters. Eds. Diana Walters, Daniel Laven & Peter Davies. Martlesham, UK: Boydell & Brewer Ltd., pp 221-234. ISBN 978-1-78327-216-7 

Lagerqvist, B. (2015) The complexity of heritage and societal development – The example of Gjirokastra, Albania. Ecocycles, Vol 1, No 2.


Sessions in which Bo Lagerqvist participates

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Saturday 3 September, 2022

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