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Translation_fallback: domingo 28 agosto, 2022

Zona horaria: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
translation_fallback: 7:45 AM
translation_fallback: 7:45 AM
Getaway in Montérégie
8 translation_fallback: hours 15 minutos, translation_fallback: 7:45 AM - translation_fallback: 4:00 PM
translation_fallback: Available

UQAM, pavillon J.-A. De Sève (DS) - DS Registration table (meeting point)


Jean-Yves Bourdages (Speaker)

A one-day itinerary on the opening day of the conference will allow visitors to discover
translation_fallback: 10:30 AM
translation_fallback: 10:30 AM
Tour: The Lachine Canal with Heritage Montreal
2 translation_fallback: hours, translation_fallback: 10:30 AM - translation_fallback: 12:30 PM
translation_fallback: Signup required


Explore the banks of the Lachine Canal, the cradle of industry in Canada. Benefiting from access to hydraulic power, maritime and rail tran...
translation_fallback: 1:00 PM
translation_fallback: 1:00 PM
Book launch: Deindustrializing Montreal
2 translation_fallback: hours, translation_fallback: 1:00 PM - translation_fallback: 3:00 PM
translation_fallback: Signup required

Bâtiment 7 - La Taverne


You are invited to the McGill-Queen’s University Press book launch of “
translation_fallback: 5:00 PM
translation_fallback: 5:00 PM
Opening ceremony
2 translation_fallback: hours, translation_fallback: 5:00 PM - translation_fallback: 7:00 PM
translation_fallback: Signup required

UQAM, Cœur des sciences - Agora Hydro-Québec


Patrick Dieudonné, Université de Bretagne occidentale, Institut de Géoarchitecture, France (Other Participant)

Lucie K. Morisset, Canada Research Chair in Urban Heritage (Moderator)

Join the conference organisers and TICCIH board members for a welcome cocktail and some festive words of introduction, in the former forge of th...
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