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Riina Haanpää

University of Turku, Finland
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Biography Riina Haanpää, PhD University of Turku; Finland School for Cultural Production and Landscape Studies Cultural Heritage Studies Riina Haanpää is a university lecturer in cultural heritage studies at the University of Turku. In her doctoral thesis she has focused on cultural research, memory, oral history and especially the questions about intangible heritage. Now her studies are based on oral history and deal with the interaction between official and unofficial knowledge for example in the process and questions of significance of cultural heritage. Haanpää, Riina & Puolamäki, Laura & Raike, Eeva (becoming): ”Tapaus Eurajoki – ihmisen ja kulttuuriympäristön vuorovaikutussuhde tutkimuskohteena”. – Soveltava kulttuurintutkimus. University of Oulu, Oulu. Haanpää, Riina 2008: ”From a Fratricide to Family Memory”. – Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics. Ed. Art Leete. Estonian National Museum & University of Tartu. Co-authors Eeva Karhunen, PhD, post doc researcher, Cultural Heritage Studies, University of Turku, Finland. Narrating Cultural Heritage in the Sixth District of Pori. Doctoral dissertation, Faculty of Humanities, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies Degree Program of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, Cultural Heritage Studies. University of Turku 2014. Rakennusperintö ja arjen arvot. Nylundin yleinen sauna aineettomana kulttuuriperintönä. In: Mitä on kulttuuriperintö? Ed. Outi Tuomi-Nikula, Riina Haanpää &Aura Kivilaakso. SKS, Helsinki 2013. Laura Puolamäki, PhD student, Landscape Research, University of Turku, Finland. Puolamäki, L (2011): Individual views and shared landscapes of folklore in Reykholtsdal, Iceland. European Countryside, vol. 4, p. 162-178. Versita, Warsaw. DOI 10.2478/v10091-012-0021-8 Virta, K, Puolamäki, L, Raike, E, Ernst, E & Uotila, K (2014): Reaching a sustainable cultural landscape through pedagogical evaluation of technology. Archäologische Informationen 36 (2013), 55-64 DOI:

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