Liisa Seppänen

Adjunct professor
University of Turku
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Liisa Seppänen is adjunct professor of urban archaeology in Turku University. She has degrees both in archaeology (PhD, University of Turku) and cultural history (MA, University of Turku) and background also in business, marketing and communication. In her PhD Thesis (2012) she presented a comprehensive analysis of the construction activities and townscape of the medieval Turku, which is the oldest town of the present-day Finland and one of the biggest towns of the medieval Sweden. Since then she has continued with the subject and widened the perspective into town planning and urban development on a more multidisciplinary level. Seppänen is an experienced field archaeologist who has worked on large urban excavation projects. In 2013–2014 she conducted the largest excavations so far in Finland in the centre of the city of Lahti with more than 1,2 ha. The excavations in Lahti brought along new studies related to collaboration between different parties involved in city planning and construction as well as questions related to valuating, preserving and presenting cultural heritage. She is also interested in theoretical issues related to the processes of urban change and social complexity. She belongs to international network Archaeology, Architecture and Contemporary City Planning established in 2013. Main realizations / publications related to this topic: Seppänen, L. 2014. Digs, data collection and dissemination – any chance for wider collaboration? Architecture, Archaeology and Contemporary City Planning. Proceedings of the Workshop, Firenze 16–18th June. Eds. Giorgio Verdiani & Per Cornell. Firenze (Universita degli studi Firenze, Dipartimento di Architettura 2014, 115–124. Invited lectures: 1) University of Bergen 11.5.2015: How do we value the archaeological information and disseminate the past? 2) University of Turku 20.11.2014: Valuation and use of archaeological material in cultural heritage

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