Keynote: Is Tangible to Intangible as Formal is to Informal ? (Michael Herzfeld)

Public event
Keynote with simultaneous translation / Conférence avec traduction simultanée
18:30, samedi 4 juin 2016 (1 heure 30 minutes)
UQAM, pavillon Judith-Jasmin (J) - Salle Alfred-Laliberté
Simultaneous translation - Traduction simultanée
Most of what we experience as heritage emerges into conscious recognition through a complex mixture of political and ideological filters, including nationalism.  In these processes, through a variety of devices (museums, scholarly research, consumer reproduction, etc.), dualistic classifications articulate a powerful hierarchy of value and significance.  In particular, the tangible-intangible pair, given legitimacy by such international bodies as UNESCO, reproduces a selective ordering of cultural artifacts and practices that follows the bureaucratic formalism of the nation-state and represses and excludes other perspectives.  What losses, distortions, and biases spring from this framework, and how do we confront them?
Harvard University
Ernest E. Monrad Professor of the Social Sciences
Australian National University
Professor and Head of the Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies

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