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10.00  Mobile Heritagization of Archipelago Nature in Southwest Finland

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This paper will focus on the mobilities and stabilities of the traditions and cultural heritage, which are visible in human relationships with the nature and in the activities of the Archipelago National Park in Southwest Finland. I will present the characteristics of cultural heritage that Archipelago National Park gives to these relationships, in relation to the traditions of identifications to the archipelago by local people. Nature is the element that ties people most strongly to their own home area in the Southwest Finland archipelago. This is seen as local practices and habits in the relationship between man and nature, which forms one construction of the archipelago as meaningful space. In some context the simultaneous beautiful and violent nature is expressed as a symbol of everyday identification with the area, as well as the shores of islands forming borders. The freedom to work and define one’s own way of life inside these borders, and the skills and knowledge learned on the islands, are seen to be able to conquer the administrational and literal knowledge defined outside of the archipelago. Relationships with nature and identification to the archipelago are in constant motion. Moreover, a very prevalent element in these identities is the will of the people of the archipelago to define cultural changes themselves. Nature is an acceptable and strong definer of actions and identities. However, impacts are given and received in many ways both from the local and the global interaction networks. The Archipelago National Park positions their actions and definitions of cultural and natural heritage partly consciously in opposition, partly in harmony to the everyday traditions in the archipelago with the goal of bringing some impacts to the archipelago culture. This forms another construction of the archipelago as meaningful space. In this paper, I will analyze the power relations between local everyday traditions and cultural heritage as defined by the Archipelago Natural Park in the Southwest Finland archipelago. 

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