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The organization of a conference has an environmental impact, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation and the production of residual materials.

Given the theme of the conference "Anthropocene: Challenges for Geography and Geographers" and the fact that it will be held at UQAM, a university with an eco-responsibility policy, it seems essential that our event be as eco-responsible as possible.

This translates into the implementation of several measures:

  • A partnership is established with an organization that is committed to the eco-responsibility of the event;
    We hire students to form a green team that will be on site to help participants sort their waste properly;
  • Recycling bins are set up in several places on the site so that everyone can sort their waste;
  • The event will not provide any dishes (cups or utensils) or water bottles. Water fountains are available on campus. We strongly encourage participants to bring their own reusable water bottle and cup (for coffee);
  • Participants wishing to carpool to the event are encouraged to do so through a carpooling service such as Amigo Express.

We thank you for helping us make this event a model of environmentally responsible management:

  • by reducing your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to your travel by prioritizing sustainable modes of transportation, such as public transit, carpooling, cycling or walking;
  • by sorting your residual materials in the appropriate residual material sections
  • by bringing your own reusable cup and water bottle.

Thank you for your commitment.