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Main Excursion


Confluence of natural and cultural landscapes of the St. Lawrence River


Friday, May 12, 2023 from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

90$ regular rate - 50$ student rate (limited places)

Transportation, meals included and translation from French to English to be confirmed.


The St. Lawrence River carries the legacy of a rich natural and cultural history. Originating from the formation of a rift associated with the opening of the Iapetus Ocean, the St. Lawrence has passed through geological history and ice ages and is now one of the largest rivers in the world.  With its 3,060 km length, it is transformed from upstream to downstream by the force of currents, salinity, tides and waves. At once river, lake, estuary and sea, the St. Lawrence is home to more than half of Quebec's animal and plant species. It is not surprising that the Micmacs gave it the name of Magtogoek, meaning "river of great waters". Home to several Aboriginal peoples for thousands of years, a true pathway to the interior of the territory, sometimes natural, sometimes transformed by a series of locks and canals, an ecosystem rich in resources, home to many immigrants who make it their home, the cradle of several communities, businesses and industries, the natural and cultural riches of the St. Lawrence River are innumerable.  


During this day trip, we will visit some of them:


  • Peatlands developed in former river beds.

We will take a look at their natural archives as well as the anthropic pressures they are currently facing.