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Attending the Conference

NELS 51 will use two main tools for conference participation in addition to the conference website and YouTube for an overflow space (see below). Those tools are Zoom ( and Discord ( Though it is possible to use Zoom via a web browser or telephone, we recommend downloading the most recent version of the Zoom software for your platform. Discord will be used for informal communications across individual sessions, including discussion of talks, social events, and generally the kinds of interactions that would normally happen in hallways, during coffee breaks, and the like. Discord needs to be downloaded, and we encourage you to do so before the conference begins.

In order to assure the smooth functioning of the conference, session chairs will be asked to observe stricter time regulation than normal (20-minute presentations followed by 10 minutes of questions or 5-minute presentations followed by 4 minutes of questions). Questions that we’re not able to get to can be posted to Discord.

Given an expected high volume of interest in NELS 51 and the limitations of our Zoom license capacity, we are planning to organize a live cast of NELS 51 presentations in an overflow space on YouTube outside of Zoom. The unlisted YouTube channel link will be sent exclusively to those registered for the conference, and we will delete all related files at the end of the conference.

Access links & passwords

Links to both the Discord server and the Zoom passwords will be sent to registered participant on November 1st. If you register later, all relevant information will be joined to the confirmation message you'll receive once your registration is completed.

Abstracts & visual support material

All documents pertaining to the talks can be accessed via each talk's specific page and will be uploaded as we receive them. A centralized répertoire of the conference documents can be found here.

Attending the Conference