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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to a number of questions we have frequently received.

Is there a regular poster session? What's the format of the flash talks?

First, there will not be a conventional poster sessions this year. Two flash talk sessions, composed of 5 minute presentations followed by 4 minutes of questions, will take place instead.

To compensate for this highly restrictive time frame, we invite speakers to transport the discussion to the conference's Discord server where each talk will have its own discussion thread. If you wish, set up your own Zoom meeting at your convenience to chat about your research with interested participant and share it there!

Will NELS 51 be an online conference?

NELS 51 will indeed be an online conference. We will provide additional information concerning the specific modalities and the registration procedure as soon as we can.

When will the conference program be published, and when will the registration start?

The conference program will be published in the end of September. Registration will open around the same time.

When can I expect to receive a notification of decision?

Authors can expect to receive a notification of decision around the end of August. Considering the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to give more time to authors to submit their papers (the initial submission deadline was May 16th, but was moved to June 8th) but also more time for reviewers to enter their reviews. In a way that puts us 6 weeks behind schedule, but considering the fact that the conference will take place online, which will require a lesser amount of travel arrangements and preparation, we still hope it is a reasonable delay in the context.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)