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Global Scale of English : Progress for All in the Mixed Ability Classroom

Atelier (anglais) / Workshop (English) / Taller (inglés)
2:00 PM, mardi 21 mai 2019 (1 heure 15 minutes)

Progress for All in the Mixed Ability Classroom

One the greatest challenges facing teachers in the language classroom is mixed abilities classrooms where learners demonstrate wildly varying proficiencies across language skills. The ability to use assessment for insight into student performance has improved, providing opportunities to understand varying learner needs. Using the research-based differentiated instruction framework with the Global Scale of English allows teachers and learners to reach new levels of success.

In this session we will explore how to use the Global Scale of English to inform decisions on differentiation to support a variety of learners.

UQAM - École de langues
Maître de langue
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