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New territories / conservation

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13:30, Monday 8 May 2023 EDT (1 hour 30 minutes)
Coffee break - SH-4800   03:00 PM to 03:30 PM (30 minutes)

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13:30 EDT - 13:50 EDT | 20 minutes

Après la présentation de la notion d’anthroposystème territorial (AST) grâce à la description de notre potager, nous avons constaté qu’il était difficile d’en présenter son évolution pour des visiteurs désireux de commencer un « jardin ». D’abord, plusieurs « acteurs » sont à l’œuvre dans un potager : motoculteur, chrysomèles, marmottes… De plus, l’interaction entre ces acteurs est à l’origine de plusieurs modifications territoriales dans l...

13:50 EDT - 14:10 EDT | 20 minutes

To achieve their goals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) frequently interact with public and private stakeholders. Interactions can be either collaborative or confrontational, and each approach has advantages and disadvantages. A collaborative approach may lead to opportunities to share data and access funding; however an NGO may risk their goals becoming compromised. Similarly, a confrontational approach can draw ...

14:10 EDT - 14:30 EDT | 20 minutes

The Anthropocene’s breaking down of nature/society binaries means that conservationists must grapple with what are increasingly recognized as value-laden choices about what to protect and restore as well as greater public awareness of the extent of anthropogenic environmental change. This represents an ambiguity in what the Anthropocene thesis implies we should do about it – should we embrace our planet-shaping powers or are people the problem? 

14:30 EDT - 15:00 EDT | 30 minutes

Coastal islands in Atlantic Canada are known for their intactness, diversity of habitats, and significant biological and geological features. They provide isolated refuges for many species, areas of high intertidal productivity, unique climatic conditions that support boreal plant and bird communities, and act as buffers against coastal storm impacts from climate change. Many key ecosystem services are a result of interactions between a combination of habitat types...

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