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Panel - Early Career Roundtable

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10:00, Wednesday 10 May 2023 EDT (2 hours)

This roundtable is an opportunity to discuss the topics, issues, and processes that frame the transition from a PhD / Postdoc to an academic or professional appointment. We are interested in hearing about successes and frustrations within the job market, resources that have been particularly useful, and the range of experiences in teaching-stream, limited-term, or tenure-stream appointments. We are particularly interested in experiences in the fields of geography, urban studies, and environmental studies, though we welcome comments from a range of disciplines. Ultimately, we envision this informal session to be a space of dialogue and support for those confronted with the difficult realities of searching for (academic) employment in Canadian and international job markets. Potential issues to be discussed include:

  • Mentorship networks
  • Thoughts/experiences with online academic forums (The Professor Is In, Wikis, Vitae, etc.)
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Post-ac/alt-ac options
  • Staying ‘productive’ during the search
  • Balancing teaching, research, and writing while ‘on the market’
  • Applying for grants while in a limited-term position
  • Academic job interviews, including online interviews

Let us know if you are interested in joining the discussion—everyone’s ideas and comments are welcome. Nous vous invitons à contribuer en français ou en anglais.

Please email Celeste, Roza or Nancy  with expressions of interest.

Nancy Worth

Master of ceremonies

Roza Tchoukaleyska

Master of ceremonies

My Session Status

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