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Preliminary investigation of climate change impacts and adaptation in the food production sector in Southern Manitoba: challenges and opportunities

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16:10, Tuesday 9 May 2023 EDT (20 minutes)

Southern Manitoba is experiencing a climate shift, which is expected to intensify in the future. In fact, climate models predict changes in precipitation and temperature patterns, which are likely to lead to flooding and drought. Even though there is prediction for fewer frost days that can increase the growing season in spring and summer months, the increase in temperature and water shortage will likely lead to an increase in pests and diseases, which cancels the benefits to be derived. Since agriculture is one of the key sectors in Southern Manitoba to be impacted by climate change due to its dependence on a stable weather pattern, effective adaptation measures are required to build capacity to the current and emergent challenges. Therefore, the goal of this study is to identify climate change impacts and adaptation measures within the food production sector through stakeholder engagement in Southern Manitoba. Findings from the study will help to enhance knowledge on climate change as it relates to the challenges and opportunities for implementing adaptation measures to build capacity for food producers.

Brandon University
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