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Mapping / new technological development

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10:00, Thursday 11 May 2023 EDT (2 hours)

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10:00 EDT - 10:30 EDT | 30 minutes

Mapping and quantifying the spatial configuration of ecosystem services is a crucial tool to understand the sustainability of socio-ecological systems. River systems are unlike terrestrial systems because they are connected by the flow of water across large watersheds, creating long-distance up- and downstream dependencies between sources and use of the services. These connections have important, often overseen, implications for the mapping and quantification of hy...

10:30 EDT - 11:00 EDT | 30 minutes

Soundscapes – which can be defined as the spatial, temporal, frequency attributes, and type of sources contributing to ambient sound – are a proxy for changing at a rapid pace in the Anthropocene. With increasing anthropogenic intrusion in ocean ecosystems, noise-generating activities, both by themselves and in combination with other stressors, can have negative impacts on marine life (Duarte et al., 2021). Human-induced changes to ocean soundscapes have been shown to have negative effects...

11:00 EDT - 11:30 EDT | 30 minutes

The paper demonstrates the critical role standardization of rates plays in the Multi Factor Partitioning model. A helpful tool in the study of changing employment patterns, MFP recognizes that regional and industry growth rates are composite structures. Part of a region’s growth rate is due to regional conditions and part of it to its industrial structure. Similarly, part of an industry’s growth rate is due to the dynamics of the industry itself and part to the siz...

11:30 EDT - 12:00 EDT | 30 minutes

Identifying whether polygons in different spatial databases correspond to the same fundamental features is an enduring problem in spatial analysis. Past researchers have developed a variety of workflows. Some have focused on feature overlap, for example, assessing the degree to which a given vector polygon (e.g., an administrative boundary) or raster feature corresponds to features in a separate raster dataset (e.g., land cover categories) at multiple levels of geo...

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